One thought on “21 March 1974 23] Barcelona (Spain), Palacio de Deportes

  1. cerebrum

    I flew out to Barcelona with Terry King, to operate the ‘stage lighting rig’ being provided by the promoter. When we got to the stadium, we found they had only installed around six spotlights on some scaffolding, all connected to a wooden board with domestic light switches on it! I busked the show as best I could.

    What I really remember was being taken to a night club after the gig, where I was treated like a member of the band. We had some very pretty Spanish girls sitting with us in a VIP area of the club and plenty of free drinks. I arranged to meet one of the girls the following day, but she had to bring her grandmother along as her chaperone 🙁

    John Lethbridge – January 2015

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