March 1978

An unusual line-up of Caravan, associating regular members Pye Hastings, Richard Coughlan and Jan Schelhaas with the returning Richard Sinclair, record a series of demos with a view to a second Caravan album on Arista. The projected album doesn’t materialise, and Caravan are dropped by Arista. (In 1994, Pye Hastings released his songs from these sessions (the others were penned by either Sinclair or Schelhaas) as the Cool Water CD; Sinclair later released one of his songs, “Uncle’s Farm”, an early version of Camel’s “Down On The Farm”, on his Live Tracks CD in 2003) Complete list of songs recorded: “Cold Fright”, “What Elephant?”, “Ansaphone”, “Just The Way You Are”, “Side By Side”, “Mark 53”, “Crack Of The Willow”, “Bright Shiny Day”, “Heartbreaker”, “Cool Water”, “Emily, Just 4”, “Funky Love”, “Uncle’s Farm”, “Fireman”, “Space Cowboy”, “Do It All Night” (a.k.a. “Tuesday Is Rock & Roll Nite”), “Pielican”, “Bicycle Belle” and “Acc.Mo.”

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