November 1994

[late] Rehearsals begin for the Mirage tour, with a line-up of Peter Bardens, Steve Adams, Rick Biddulph and Andy Ward, plus Caravan members David Sinclair, Jimmy Hastings and special guest Pye Hastings Setlist: “The Great Marsh” / “Rhayader” / “Rhayader Goes To Town”, “Song Within A Song”, “Speed Of Light”, “In Dreams”, “Tell Me”, “Skylines”, “Nine Feet Underground”, Caravan Medley (incl. “Where But For Caravan Would I”, “O Caroline”, “The Love In Your Eye”, “Backwards”, “A-Hunting We Shall Go”), “Never Let Go”, “Lizard On A Rock”, “The Sleeper”, “Timepiece”, “For Richard”, “Journey”, “Freefall”, “Lunar Sea”, “Gunblasters”

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