Caravan Newsletter No. 16 – Feb 2003

20 pages


  • Foreword
  • Website info: ( no longer accessible )
  • Band Focus; Geoffrey Richardson’s, Jim Leverton’s and Jan Schelhaas’s musical influences
  • Jan Schelhaas – Welcome back interview
  • A Night’s Tale Review. See also
  • Bright Shiny Day – The Caravan Recording Sessions, by Ralph Cross
  • The Unauthorised Breakfast Item. See also The Unauthorised Breakfast Item
  • Focus/Caravan Astoria November 2002
  • Au Revoir: Dave Sinclair
  • All this just “For Richard”, by Martyn Ford
  • Caravan at the Limelight Club, by Terry Westhead
  • The continuing adventures of the Blind Dug
  • Letters and Emails
  • Finally

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