16 thoughts on “Nightmare (Live at the Bloomsbury Theatre London – 35th Anniversary Concert 2003)

  1. nightmare

    As dedicated to me at the last Leicester gig Absolutely brilliant. Too beautiful to be called Nightmare though
    I hope the lads know how much the true fans really appreciate the music
    Can’t wait for next years gigs Count me in wherever you play

  2. flicky

    see you all in london in july god willing!Thanks to the band and all the fans for carrying on I thought I may not get to ever see them again which was as dificult to take as when Jerry Garcia died.That`s how much I love this band!Oh deep joy!

  3. malc1

    You were the band of my youth and I am in tears of sadness and joy after discovering this site and some footage on youtube tonight. Any Scottish fans from the early 70s out there?

  4. stormbringer

    Please Please play If I Could Do It Again I’d Do It All Over You (Who Do You Think You Are) at High Voltage so many memories from College in 1970/71 I still play all my caravan albums but IICDIAIDIAOY is the best B side ever.

  5. heinkel

    Brilliant news to hear you are out there again! Just listened to one track and it has brought great memories flooding back!! Colston Hall The Flamingo Ballrooms in Hereford Malvern. Great stuff and will see you soon.

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