3 thoughts on “NEW Interview with Pye Hastings

  1. andrewarthur

    good interview would be interested to learn if there are unrealeased tracks in the vaults ? if so why not press them for limited release perhaps.

    I for one who thinks regards Lily as one of the very best Caravan lps would love to hear more stuff with the fab Steve Miller.

  2. andrewarthur

    Am I the only one to feel that the price for the Studio show is absolutely riduculous !! I would expect Prince or Take That to be charging that amount not that I would be attending. I know it is up to the individual but honestly pictures with muso`s signed DVD gordeon bennett this is surely what teeny bands offer through what used to be known as ` fan clubs ` not a band attracting probably 50 / really they need to set up very simple tour to as many venues as possible.

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