CARAVAN Back On The Road?

PYE HASTINGS has revealed that Caravan are planning a concert in London in January 2011 as part of a series of intimate concerts called Legends at a recording studio in front of only approx 120 fans The show will be filmed for ITV and a DVD..

“we had our first rehearsal  at the beginning of August  which under the circumstances went very well”.  Pye also stated that “the enthusiasm from the band was infectiousand I had  forgotten how much I had really missed playing with them.”  A longer rehearsal is booked for October when Geoffrey Richardson is back from Touring with Murray Head.. The outline of the set is already agreed  and will feature classic Caravan tunes together with some new material.

If all goes well Pye doesn’t rule out the possibility of a short tour to celebrate the 40th Anniversary Of their classic album In The Land Of Grey and Pink.

The current lineup of Caravan is Pye Hastings Richard Coughlan Geoffrey Richardson Jan Schelhaas  and Jim Leverton .  Doug Boyle is unavailable owing to other commitments .

Please  register on this website for details of Gigs and Tickets etc . Please SPREAD  the word!

Apologies for the lack of info on the website it is still very much a work in progress. any articles photos audio /video content is gratefully received!

Martin Davenport : September 1st 2010

33 thoughts on “CARAVAN Back On The Road?

  1. Kelzadiddle

    This is absolutely fantastic! It’s a shame that only 120 people can go but there’s always a DVD to look forward to 🙂

    As for tickets my eyes are peeled. 🙂

  2. Smoky Bear Post author

    This is such fantatic news!!! We will be keeping an eye on future concerts on “the continent”!! MAYBE – one day we’ll see you here in western Canada!!

  3. Tony

    To see Caravan back on the road would be a treat.I was lucky enough to see you at The Stables last time out in’05 Great gig as Geoff replied to me “so intimate you could hear someone fart onstage at the back of the auditorium”.

  4. Tony

    Should you be looking for venues The Plinston in Letchworth would be ideal.Should the tour happen in 2011 it would be an honour to have you perform in my home town. To make enquiries contact Alan Howard email address who puts together gigs at the Plinston. Cheers guys & hopefully we will see you doing what you do best next year. Tony

  5. Scrapman

    Best news I have had this year! The photo in my avatar was taken at the Kings Head when the band celebrated recieving the gold disc for Grey and Pink – be very disappointed if I am not one of the 120 celebrating its 40th birthday!

  6. Kelzadiddle

    Might I also add that a gig in Liverpool would make my life awesome? Because it would and I bet a lot of people would probably feel the same way! 😉

    Also I forgot to say that I love the new site! The layout’s brilliant and the members’ facilities are fantastic; it really hits home now that I’m not the only Caravan fan in the world. 🙂 Well done guys!

  7. Dieter

    Looking forward to seeing you on the road! And hopefully on the continent too. The Dutch and the German fans cannot wait to see you I guess.
    Bets wishes from Duesseldorf Dieter

  8. AlexW

    Great news about playing live again. Please try to arrange a gig in or around Manchester. The Met in Bury is a great venue. We’d love to see you up here again. (Perhaps you could combine with a trip for a gig in Liverpool as requested by SirKelsalot above.)

  9. Hogweed

    Brilliant news I just hope that I can get to see one of my favourite bands of all time perform live one more time.

    Incidentally have you noticed how similar most of us Caravan fans look from our Avatars? Kind of grey expressionless and sticky up hair?

  10. Rob Mclean Post author

    Would love to go to this concert!!! Been waiting to see Caravan again since the last time I saw them in 2003. Fingers crossed for a tour as well.

  11. Bernard

    Hi !!
    I’m a french fan !!! I’ve seen you 3 or 4 times in the south of France during the seventies !!
    My hope ?? To see and hear you again in my country ??
    Dream or reality ?? I don’t know . But don’t be busy and do it please in the coming years !! Time is passing by …….

  12. andrewarthur

    Am I alone in wishing for the master of the Hammond yes David Sinclair as he was and still is the very backbone of the Caravan sound. Unfortunately Jan as good as he is remains a poor substitute no offence friend !

  13. Mike Curtis Post author

    Really hope to see you play in Canterbury again. Very pleased that Richard is drumming – I had the impression that was not likely to be on the agenda. Best wishes from Mike in Faversham

  14. celticwarrior

    Great news for the future Caravan for all your loyal fans. My first gig was at the old Marlowe theatre in St Margarets street Canterbury. It would be nice to see you at the new Marlowe theatre in the future which I am sure you would fill or maybe the Gulbenkian.

  15. celticwarrior

    My first Caravan gig was at the old Marlowe theatre in St Margarets street Canterbury before it moved to the Odean cinema.

    Have most of the albums on vinyl the first being “In The Land of Grey and Pink” and from then on I was hooked.

    This is all great news for your many loyal supporters.

    Hope that you are able to arrange something in Canterbury such as the Gulbenkian or even the new Marlowe theatre when it opens which I am sure you will fill.

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