Geoffrey Richardson: Moving Up A Cloud

Geoffrey’s second solo album – Moving Up A Cloud

Track Listing:

01. Paanki
02. Ramsgate
03. High Strung
04. Departure Lounge
05. Who Knows
06. I Was Blind
07. Afterwards
08. Little Ukulele
09. La Paz
10. How It Was
11. Sidcup
12. Dust
13. All That I Hold Dear

MP3 available at  [ Amazon ]  [ iTunes ]

Free streaming is also available via  [ TuneCore ]  [ Spotify ]

Don’t forget to visit & bookmark Geoffrey’s official website: [ ]
and his new record label website – Richardsonics at [ ]

2 thoughts on “Geoffrey Richardson: Moving Up A Cloud

  1. Geoffrey Richardson Post author

    My record label website has just been published and will be Googleable (??!) soon – it takes an indeterminate time to come on Google. I’m putting new pieces of music on there which I’m working on for the next album…. number 3!

    I’m getting lote of requests for a CD version of ‘Moving Up A Cloud’ and have lined up a manufacturer. I’ve just got to get to grips with CD artwork templates in Photoshop….

  2. eg


    Bought your album from i-tunes; great stuff. I’d also like to buy a couple of CDs when they are available.

    Look forward to catching up with you again in the coming months particularly Edinburgh.

    All the best.


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