Classic Rock Legends: Caravan Live at Metropolis Studios DVD

The DVD of the band’s triumphant concert at Metropolis Studios filmed in December last year for the ITV Legends series is now available at  [ HMV ]  [ Amazon ]


Caravan the legendary Canterbury band re-formed specially for this London studio concert in late 2010 and the audience each one of which was no further than ten feet from the band were rewarded with a review from Classic Rock which quoted “a new era dawns for the veteran band. They are going to have to go a long way to match this sublime performance”. Pye Hastings Geoffrey Richardson Jan Schelhaas Jim Leverton and Richard Coughlan are joined by new drummer Mark Walker. The concert set covered classics and new songs Fingers In The Till and I’m On My Way.

Songs featured are as follows:

Memory Lain Hugh
And I Wish I Were Stoned
Golf Girl
Smoking Gun (Right For Me)
The Unauthorised Breakfast Item
Hello Hello
Give Me More
Fingers In The Till
I’m On My Way
Nine Feet Underground

The concert was filmed in 1080p HD but is presented in the highest quality standard definition format with LPCM Stereo and DTS 5.1 surround sound on the DVD. Release on the Bluray format is not expected.


DVD Extras:

Interviews with Pye Hastings and Geoffrey Richardson

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5 thoughts on “Classic Rock Legends: Caravan Live at Metropolis Studios DVD

  1. Hogweed

    I was lucky enough to witness this first hand. I was no more than 4 feet away from Pye and Geoff. Believe me this was an awesome performance. Make sure you order the DVD and watch when the series is broadcast.

  2. Hogweed

    Still waiting for my complimentary copies but drooling with anticipation it still stands out as a special experience for me. Metropolis are expecting their consignment to arrive in the next few days and will e-mail ticket holders for delivery address.

  3. Hogweed

    I received the DVD yesterday and it confirmed that my recollections of this superb reunion gig were not purely driven by wanting to be there so much. Without being perfect the performance was absolutely stunning particularly as it was the first time this band had played live together for 5 years and only got one day and 1.5 hours rehearsal in and for the first time on stage without the great Richard Coughlan on drums. Mr Walker deserves an honour maybe Richard should donate a pair of his PJs for future shows? Special mention to Jan Schelhaas many old Caravanners still year for the return of Dave Sinclair but Jan has made that keyboard stool his own and he justiied the band’s loyalty to him many times over. Looking forward to more shows later this year. Thanks guys great memories and those of you fans who haven’t bought the DVD what are you waiting for? 9′ Underground is worth the price alone.

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