Classic Rock Magazine reviews Caravan Live at Metropolis Studios DVD

Offering an alternative to the usual career retrospectives the Classic Rock Legends series tempts a bunch of veteran band into an intimate pristinely recorded career-spanning set complete songs.

Playing in front of 140 die-hard fans (who get their names in the credits) might not seem arduous but as Barclay James Harvest’s John Lees points out: “People can see you flicking switches and things so it’s quite daunting. But it’s good to see reactions on people’s faces that you can’t see in a big hall.”

For Caravan it’s their first show in five years with hastily recruited drummer Mark Walker who soon makes his presence felt answering Geoff Richardson’s spoons on washboard on their goofy ’71 gem Golf Girl ensuring the band’s ingrained quirkiness continues unabated. Despite or more likely because of their enforced lack of rehearsal everyone is on full alert from the opening Memory Lain Hugh to the epic finale Nine Feet Underground.

Overall DVD rating: 7/10

Hugh Fielder

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