Caravan Rocks Cambridge

Hot on the heels of their High Voltage appearance Caravan rocked the evening of Sunday 7th August being the penultimate band to play on the main stage at the 2011 Cambridge Rock Festival.

Many thanks to Dave Roberts and his festival team for another wonderful festival experience plus thank you to everyone that came to see the band play.

The Cambridge set-list was:

Memory Lain Hugh
Why Why Why? And I Wish I Were Stoned
Golf Girl
Smoking Gun (Right For Me)
The Unauthorised Breakfast Item
The Dog The Dog He’s At It Again
Nine Feet Underground
I’m On My Way

P.s. We made another timelapse video of the gig which is now available to view at the Official Caravan YouTube channel: [ Cambridge Timelapse ]

(Many thanks to Mark Walker for the last minute loan of his drum cases in order to get this shot overlooking the small stage!)

Stay tuned for more official audio/visual uploads from this gig in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Caravan Rocks Cambridge

  1. Hogweed

    Just so I don’t miss out are the band just going to do festivals or are there likely to be some indoor gigs with Caravan headlining later?

    The Legends recording whetted my appetite and if I have to go and stand in a muddy field I will.

  2. Mike

    What a fantastic evening. I had not seen Caravan live since 1973 when I saw them perform in Somerset (forget where) was immediately transfixed by “Grey and Pink” and remained a loyal fan ever since. Great evening and didn’t the band enjoy themselves. Full marks to Mark Walker who rose to the occasion – brilliant enthusiasm and skill. Pye was well Pye (what more can you say) – Geoffrey was magnificient – Jan and Jim as well. Thanks guys for the memories flooding back. See you again soon!! Mike L

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