The Unauthorised Breakfast Item and Better By Far New Re-issues

We are pleased to announce the official re-issue of CD albums Better By Far (originally released in 1977) and The Unauthorised Breakfast Item (originally released in 2003).

The artwork and booklet for The Unauthorised Breakfast Item has been significantly upgraded for this new issue released by Wienerworld.

Better By Far  [ HMV ]  [ Amazon ]

The Unauthorised Breakfast Item  [ HMV ]  [ Amazon ]

3 thoughts on “The Unauthorised Breakfast Item and Better By Far New Re-issues

  1. rachel1

    I bought the original when it was a 2500 copy limited edition with a bonus disc of 5 live tracks recorded in Japan and Canada (in 2002-03) and a litle card autographed by all 6 band members. The version of For Richard backed by the Quebec Festval Orchestra is a bit of a stunner. Pity these are not on the reissue – but as they were professinally recorded the full recordings must exist. Soooo – come on Pye lets get a Live Collector Archive series going !!!!.

  2. roryvanrea

    I agree Rachel the original limited edition of UBI was a great package .Lets hope that something similar is planned for the new studio album when it arrives !

    Also agree with the idea for a Live Collector’s Archive Series. It could be sold by mail order through this site or at gigs ?

    Best to all

    John R.

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