Caravan – Golf Girl [1971] (Beat Club – German TV)

Richard Sinclair’s classic fan favourite, Golf Girl, recorded in Bremen, Germany July 24th 1971 for television broadcast on Beat Club July 27th 1971.

This video and Winter Wine are included with the 40th anniversary edition of In The Land of Grey and Pink, however Universal have authored them in low quality NTSC format, when the original source files were PAL (as Germany invented it !) Being live, Richard Sinclair was able to throw in a cheeky change of lyrics on one verse replacing Golf Balls with H-Bombs! Band Lineup: Pye Hastings – lead guitar Richard Coughlan – drums Dave Sinclair – organ Richard SInclair – bass guitar / lead vocals

‘Beat Club’ and the video source are © Studio Hamburg Distribution & Marketing GmbH. All rights reserved. ‘Golf Girl’ © Decca Music Group. All rights reserved.

Golf Girl

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