40th Anniversary of Geoffrey Richardson’s First Caravan Gig

On behalf of the band and fans worldwide we congratulate Geoffrey on the 40th Anniversary of his first gig with the band in Berne Switzerland on September 9th 1972.

The line up at that time was: Pye Hastings Richard Coughlan Geoffrey Richardson Stuart Evans and Derek Austin.

If you look under the “media” section and “videos” on the website or visit the official Caravan YouTube channel there is TV footage from one of his earliest gigs with the band in France (playing a new arrangement of ‘The Love In Your Eye’).

We thank you for your superb playing over the years and your crucial contribution to the Caravan sound that is still very much in force today.

The band are playing in France tonight heading the Rock In Opposition Festival in Toulouse.

Regards and thanks Geoff here’s to the next ten years!

Martin Davenport
21st September 2012

5 thoughts on “40th Anniversary of Geoffrey Richardson’s First Caravan Gig

  1. Geoffrey Richardson Post author

    Martin! Thanks so much for your very kind words… what can I say? It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve spent most of my life playing with Caravan and the knowledge gained the experiences had the places visited and above all the people I’ve met have written a lovely unique story. I don’t regret a moment. even the darkest of times.. playing music has pulled me through and to the people who’ve listened to me playing all these years I can only say… thank you!! Lets keep going to the journey’s end…

  2. Cristian Sedran Post author

    I completely agree with Martin: the magnificent sound of Geoff (with all the musical instruments that he played but especially with viola!) over the years has become the cornerstone of Caravan’s sound.I never tire of saying that the artistic talents of the members of Caravan go hand in hand with human qualities particularly in Mr. Richardson. We will continue to follow you in this wonderful journey in music that excites us for so many years.
    Best regards.

  3. brownie

    Well done Geoffrey for your superb musicianship for all these years particularly with CARAVAN and with Jim and of course your solo works.Hope to see you and Jim at the coach and horses in november.My biggest wish is that you and CARAVAN continue for many more years giving us the brilliant music i have listened to for the last 40+ years. ALL THE BEST!

  4. Manchester Fox Post author

    Yes congratulations on your magnificent input….i must admit you had to win me over initially as i saw Hastings Sinclair Sinclair and Coughlan as THE definitive Caravan but your superb musicianship brought a new dimension to the band….saw the band dozens of times in the late 60`s and throughout the 70`s….always my favourites of that genre!….last saw you all at Limelight Club in Crewe in early 2000`s…..absolutely superb!!…..nice to see a Hinckley lad do well Geoffrey…..my school used to play rugger against Hinckley Grammar School in the 1960`s….anyway thanks for your great music over the years…..look forward to seeing you at the Lowry early next year…..Manchester gig long overdue!

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