KEVIN AYERS 1944-2013

It was with great sadness to hear that Kevin Ayers a legend of the Canterbury scene has passed away age 68.

Kevin was a founder member of Soft Machine and played on their first two albums . He had a  varied and prolific solo career producing memorable LPs such as “Joy of a Toy” and “Shooting at The Moon”. His backing band included Andy Summers and Mike Oldfield.

Kevin was very well known and a friend of Caravan during their early years and he will be greatly missed

Martin Davenport
21st February 2013

8 thoughts on “KEVIN AYERS 1944-2013

  1. Big_Pat

    Well said Martin. Kevin Ayres was a legend a true genius and an inspiration on the Canterbury scene and for the world at large. Fond memories and condolences to his family and friends.

  2. asforteri

    Sorry to here the news. May he rest in peace. loved the LP whatevershebringswesing / no eggsplanation. ‘Stranger in blue suede shoes’ off that LP is a classic.

  3. Dave Stewart Post author

    To me and my colleagues in the band Egg Kevin Ayers and Soft Machine were a great inspiration. I didn’t know Kevin (maybe met him one or twice) but Richard Sinclair and the other Hatfield guys always spoke fondly of him. He was an important part of a great UK music scene in a wonderfully creative era and will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family.

  4. Manchester Fox Post author

    Very sad….loved his music and remember a memorable gig in January 1971 at Manchester University when a student there….he was with his band `The Whole World`and i remember songs like Lady Rachel and Clarence in Wonderland from that night….sad that two other members of that band David Bedford and Lol Coxhill have also died…..will always remember him and his music with fondness….RIP

  5. Kelzadiddle

    Absolutely awful news; I’m gutted that we’ve lost him. His music is very close to my heart indeed. Though it seems that he was exactly where he wanted to be when he passed living his own life in the Mediterranean away from the pressure of the music industry. I hope his last years were happy ones. Rest in peace Kevin may the wine flow freely wherever you are.

  6. REGIS81 Post author

    un sacré bonhomme !
    très simple et très sympa ! qui vivait en retraite pas loin de chez moi ! qui a bcp compté pour la musique canterbury !

  7. robjoturner

    Devastated at his untimely passing. He was a brilliant wordsmith and creator of some wonderful, witty, thoughtful songs. From his early days at the fringe of psychedelia with the Softs to his recent return from the ‘wilderness’ with the Unfairground his career has been the backdrop to my life. His easy reclusiveness near Carcassonne with its beautiful qiuet countryside…delicious wines…gentle climate…was, I guess, what suited him best…he’d “much rather go fishing than be in the race”. Rest in peace… your genius lives on in your music. My sincere condolences to his daughters.

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