Fund Caravan’s New Studio Album!

We are happy and excited to announce that the new Caravan studio album will be recorded in beautiful Canterbury later this year. For all the information, click here.


To explain, PledgeMusic allows us to release this album directly to you, cutting out the middle men and cutting down the time between recording and release. It means youʼll be getting the new album before it goes into the shops. As a Pledger you will be basically pre-ordering the album and there will be a wide range of exclusive and limited edition items and experiences available just to you.


Thereʼll be signed CDs of the new album, signed Vinyl, T-shirts, LIVE recordings of the back catalogue, the opportunity to visit the studio to BE on the album, and a special Album Launch gig later this year, PLUS get your hands on Pye Hastings’ very own Stratocaster which he used to write the songs.


No matter what you pledge for you will automatically receive the album as a digital stream two weeks before we ship the physical copies. Youʼll also get access to our “Pledger-Only Updates Section”. This is a FREE web-page where weʼll keep you right up to date with the albumʼs progress in the form of video diaries, photos, blogs and rough mixes.


In addition, every pledger will be doing their bit to help a great charity as a percentage of the proceeds from this campaign will go to The Aspinall Foundation, a charity which supports animal conservation around the world.


Please get involved, letʼs keep the relationship between fans and artists rewarding, fruitful and close, and we’ll reward you with some very special items & experiences.


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