Happy 70th Birthday Pye Hastings

We all wish you a very happy 70th Birthday Pye
From the band and all your many friends and fans from all over the world.
You are a true Legend , and you have inspired musicians and music lovers throughout your 50 years in the business.
It’s a great testament to the man that this band is still going strong after some 49 years .
Pye , you ARE Caravan .
you are not just the singing voice of Caravan , you are a superb Rhythm(and Lead ) guitarist .
You have written most of the songs in a catalogue of about 20 albums . You have written most of the lyrics .
On top of it all -you are a lovely man . very modest and a true professional. . An Inspiration to us all.
Here’s to the next ten years .


3 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday Pye Hastings

    1. brownie

      Belated birthday congratulations Pye. A fitting tribute I totally agree. A great band, lovely APPRECIATIVE fans my wife and I have met at the gigs, and above all you and the music. Nothing comes close. Hope you play in KENT this year. We will be there. Once again a big thanks from GARY and SUE

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