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Caravan Its None of Your Business Out Now

It’s None Of Your Business

We are happy to announce our new album ‘It’s None Of Your Business’ to be released October 2021 on Madfish

It’s None Of Your Business is our first album since Paradise Filter (2013) and features nine new songs plus one instrumental track influenced, to a degree, by the events and restrictions placed on society over the past 18 months.

The album was recorded, as restrictions allowed, ‘in the old-fashioned way’ between 24th June and 4th July 2021 at Rimshot Studio, Bredgar near Sittingbourne. “Sitting round in a circle having eye to eye contact, a large sound room was required,” Pye Hastings explained. “I much prefer this method because you can bounce ideas off each other as they occur, and voice encouragement when the whole thing begins to click.
“And it is much more rewarding to be able to throw insults at each other in person rather than down a telephone line or via email. This is something we are all very experienced at, believe me!”
This togetherness characterises It’s None Of Your Business with Caravan’s trademark warmth and humour and, also, a sensitivity reflecting the times in which we are living. Sitting among Caravan’s typically whimsical tales Down From London and If I Was To Fly sit the heartfelt and poignant Spare A Thought and Every Precious Little Thing which looks forward to a return to normality.
“’Spare a Thought’ is a song that I hope will jog people to remember those unfortunate people caught up in the pandemic,” Hastings explains. “‘All those people who denied’ refers to the idiots who don’t follow the scientific advice. I get angry about that and the line ‘Sure are interesting times’ refers to an old Chinese saying: ‘may you live in interesting times’”
“Lyrics can sometimes be my Achilles Heel, trying to find anything meaningful to write about. But sitting in front of a blank screen with a pandemic raging all around, it was hard not to be influenced by the dreadful events going on. The lockdown certainly focused the mind when it came to writing the lyrics.”
It’s None Of Your Business cover and artwork has been created by renowned illustrator Bob Venables.
** The album is out: CD format out 8th October 2021 (15th October in Germany & Austria) and as a vinyl LP, on 5th November.

It’s None Of Your Business Track Listing:

  1. Down From London (4.03)
  2. Wishing You Were Here (3.55)
  3. It’s None Of Your Business (9.40)
  4. Ready Or Not (4.45)
  5. Spare A Thought (4.06)
  6. Every Precious Little Thing (4.25)
  7. If I Was To Fly (3.23)
  8. I’ll Reach Out For You (8.07)
  9. There Is You (4.26)
  10. Luna’s Tuna (3.14)

Produced, engineered and mastered by Julian Hastings with assistant engineer Mike Thorne.




Where but for Caravan would I? – 30 disc career spanning box set – due August 2021

30 disc career spanning box set

38 CDS. 8 previously unreleased live shows from 1972-2017, plus all official albums up to 2013’s Paradise Filter.

DVD of live footage from French TV,

Signed Photo with signatures from Pye Hastings, Richard Sinclair and Dave Sinclair

Coffee Table Book detailing the history of the band with rare and exclusive memorabilia and photos.

Replica posters, Canterbury Street Map, Replica Tour Programme, Exclusive Fanzine, plus more.

Due AUGUST 2021

Over the last decade, Madfish has released a variety of award winning and highly acclaimed career defining box sets from artists including Wishbone Ash, Family and Steve Hillage.

Visit to discover more and look for further news on WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE – Released  August 2021

Review: Union Chapel Islington – 14 March 2016

25 years ago I was fortunate to catch the original quartet playing a one-off reunion gig, some fifteen years after having previously seen the line up which made the ‘Blind Dog at St Dunstan’s’ album.

Having criminally neglected to follow the band’s progress since that memorable performance in 1991 I approached this show with some trepidation, afraid that my fond memories might be tarnished by something that couldn’t possibly live up to understandably cautious expectations. Continue reading

New T-shirts

We would like to announce that we have new Caravan t-shirts on our website

There are two designs and 4 colours and both are Caravan logos from the mid 70’s.

We have produced a limited edition dark grey and pink Caravan T-shirt, which will be available to pre-order in sizes medium to XXL.

These will take around 2 weeks to deliver as they will be produced to order.

The black, light grey and white t-shirts are in stock. These sold out on the last three gigs so we now have new stock.

We hope you like them.