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New Caravan Website

Welcome to the new Official home of the legendary… CARAVAN.

The second instalment of Caravan-Info went live in September 2010, in order to accompany the band’s revival beginning with a special studio recording concert at Metropolis Studios. This service was hosted and powered by Get CTRL. Since then the website has provided service for 3.5 years but more recently has started to become problematic, so it was time for a replacement.

In March 2012, the band and management discussed replacing the current website with a new custom built system with a long time Caravan fan and web developer.

Originally we hadn’t expected to be able to carry over all the previously posted content, user accounts and user comments, but we are pleased to announce that this has been made possible by the incredible efforts of Herb Miller at


Please note that for your personal security, the original account password information was not accessed. In order to continue using your original account on our new website, you will need to request a password reset.


With our new home, we are now able to provide a complete discography of the Caravan output as well as many more new features coming your way soon.

The previous website at Get CTRL is no longer going to be updated or moderated but will remain live as a token to the band’s history. You can access the old website using the following link:


We hope you enjoy the new website and thank you for your continued support!

Martin Davenport, N Sinclair and Herb Miller.
May 2013

Important Info about User Accounts

In order to migrate all the registered users we have had to extract the stored information from the Get CTRL system and transfer it over to the new site.


For your security, none of the existing password information was accessed.

The consequence of this is that each registered user will need to request a password reset before he or she can access the site to add comments, update their profile or do anything else other than browsing.

Please use the following link to request a password reset.
For detailed instructions see Password reset Step by Step.


If you believe you have previously registered, but can’t remember your username or email then please use the contact form to write to us and we’ll check the records for you:

Contact Official Caravan